Propagating Hydrangea

In the early spring I was trimming the dead off of my hydrangea when I found that some of the dead limbs were lying on the ground.

The part that was still alive had taken root and sprouted leaves, so I cut them off from the host plant, got a shovel and dug them and their roots up and transplanted them.

So far they are doing well.

I put rocks around them to keep them from being mowed over, like happened to the mother plant several times.


I also found a couple of limbs that had taken root but had not sprouted any leaves. I cut those off and dug up their roots and put them in pots. So far they are not doing anything.

*************** 😯 *****************

Any suggestions?

My daughter would like to have a hydrangea or two, so I’m thinking I may put a couple pots of dirt beside the plant, put one of the limbs on top of the dirt with something holding it down, like a rock, and see if I can get it to take root.

It’s called propagating. And it’s something I’ve never done before in this manner.

If so, I’ll give those to my daughter, since the one in the pots don’t seem to be doing anything.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Happy Saturday!



7 comments on “Propagating Hydrangea

  1. Good luck! I love hydrangeas. I planted one in front of our porch a couple of summers ago, but it didn’t make it. 😦 Not sure what happened to it.

  2. I ♥ hydrangeas, best of luck!! I had a couple of gorgeous hydrangea bushes outside my house in Eugene, the green part of Oregon. But they don’t grow as well here at our home on the eastern side of the state.

  3. Sometimes you can find a rooted piece like that up under the bigger hydrangea bush. Granny gave me a start from one of hers.

  4. you can do it by laying the limb on the ground and putting a brick on it to hold it down tight…….might work in a pot as well….I have a new one that came from Va that was on the ground it is doing good so far!!!!….goood luck!!

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