Cutting A Shine

Monday morning I was headed to my garden shed and a mocking bird was cutting a shine out in the yard. I kept walking but watching the bird to see if I could figure out what had him so upset.

And I did.

This had him upset.

Yes, another black snake. Actually, I think it is one of the ones in a previous post. The smaller of the two. This time it was headed in the opposite direction from the previous post. I’m thinking that my back yard may become a cut through for hunting snakes.

Only this time, (before this picture was taken) it was coiled and ready to strike.

Guess the bird was not the only one that was upset.

This is not the first time a bird has alerted me to the presence of a  snake.

It amazes me the things that nature will tell us, if only we will listen.

For instance, the leaves of some trees will turn upside down just before a storm approaches.

Those mocking birds tickle me because they are so onery. I lost count of how many times I’ve recently watched them land on a locust covered tree branch just to watch them all fly away while yelling at the bird.

Yes, I said yelling.

When I walk near them or the tree they’re in, they start yelling at me and fly away. Or if one lands on me and I brush it off, it yells and flies away.

Cutting a shine just like the mocking bird did when alerting me to the presence of the snake in my path.

I love the things in nature! Always something new going on.

Well, except for the current loud noise going on outside and the dive bombing locusts that attempt to attack me when I’m trying to do the yard work.

Those two things I can live without!

Happy Thursday!



4 comments on “Cutting A Shine

  1. We have some dive bombing birds in one of our birdhouses. I just hope they leave before the berries need picked, because the birdhouse is on top of the end post of my berry patch. I hate dive bombing birds!

  2. Mockingbirds are very territorial and defensive – wonderful that this one has warned you about that snake! Was it a Mocassin? (sp?)
    We have a few cats that help keep snakes at bay. I have a Mockingbird that lives in my garden – well probably a family of them – they chase away crows and hawks from the area!
    Enjoyed my visit!

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