Garden Report 2011 – Week 2

I’m a day late……

I was busy digging in the dirt.

I have finally finished planting the garden, well, except for a couple of things that I will plant later. Like onions. I missed the best planting dates for below ground crops, so I’ll wait untilt he 24th to plant those. And when the next above ground best day rolls around I’ll plant two more rows of corn. Just to extend the harvest a little. And then I had bought seeds for those ornamental small gourds that you see in the fall. I haven’t decided where to plant those just yet, but with our long growing season I think it’ll be okay to wait to plant them.

Here’s a list of what is growing/sprouting on the farm…

corn, pumpkin, sweet banana pepper,

birdhouse gourds (which are actually volunteers that I transplanted into the big garden),

green bell pepper, cantelope, green beans,


sunflower, cucumber, watermelon,

tomatoes, 3 varieties, yellow pear, tommy toes, better boy

The Better Boy tomato plants were a Mother’s Day gift from my daughter and her family.

I have three garden areas, 2 small and one large. The large garden, which was my garden last year, is where the corn, sunflowers, birdhouse gourds and pumpkins are growing. The other things are divided between the two smaller garden areas.

I always plant sunflowers because I like to watch the birds getting the seeds. I cut the heads off the stalk and hang them upside down to dry, (if they last that long). This year I think I’ll hang them a little closer to the house., just for birdwatching fun.

I’ve never planted okra before. I like it fried, but I’ve never attempted to make it myself. I understand that my daughter has learned how to make it, so maybe she’ll share her recipe.

Or if you know a delicious way to make it, please share!

I still have two more tomato varieties to plant, roma and heirloom. I may put them in containers. Not sure yet.

I finished up the planting yesterday, which was the last day for above ground crops. And just in time, because yesterday evening it began a slow steady intermittant rain, which still continues today.

That vitamin G water is just what I was praying for and just what the garden needs to get a good start.

I am so ready for these things to be gone!

Besides being so LOUD, they fly aimlessly. I don’t mind bugs if they are not ON me. I can’t go outside without several landing on me. And I have learned not to wear my orange sweat jacket.

I know some scientist will argue that they are color blind or something, but they will never convince me that they are NOT attracted to the color orange.

Also, this is year 3 for the planting by the signs test hosted by Tipper . The seeds are provided by Home Town Seeds Company.

This year we are planting cucumbers. I decided to plant them in containers this year so I could keep track of the output of each. They will be sitting near eachother, so they will get the same amount of water and sunlight.

I planted the “good day” seeds on Monday, May 16 and I will plant the “bad day” seeds tomorrow, May 18.

I am curious to see the difference in bad day/good day with cucumbers.

Do you have your garden planted?

Do you plant by the signs?

Am I the only one who plants several  types of tomatoes?

What type of tomatoes do you plant?

Happy Tuesday!



2 comments on “Garden Report 2011 – Week 2

  1. Good luck with the garden. Everyone around here seems to be getting a late start. Especially the farmers and their corn. They may end up just planting soy beans this year. We’ve had sooooo much rain. Shame it can’t spread out over the summer and fall, but it just doesn’t seem to work that way.

  2. Your plants look so good-and so much bigger than mine 🙂 I think you’ll like growing the okra-I cut it up pop it in the freezer for winter time too. Thank you for playing along with another sign test-and for the shout out!!

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