Hundreds – A Video

Saturday I told you about the present 13 year locust brood that is currently serenading the farm.

When you walk outside you cannot miss the synchronized constant sound of their calls.

Atleast I thought they were loud until they decided to leave the safety of the wooded area of the farm and come closer to the house.

Yesterday, they decended on the trees around my house, mainly the Bradford Pear trees. There are hundreds of locusts sitting on the branches, hanging from the leaves, flying in, out and around those trees.

I video taped them with the handy video setting on my small Kodak camera.

The sound in the video did not pick up what I was actually hearing. According to a report I watched earlier, the decibels is 100 or more. It’s really loud.

All of those spots you see on the branches are locusts.

Once I made it to the trees there was a sound as if I were breathing into the microphone of the camera. The camera wasn’t near my face, so it was not my breaths you hear. It is again the locusts. Possibly synchronized wing movement.

Who knows?!

But after each time that sound occured it felt like a light rain was falling. Kinda grossed me out.

I wonder if they flutter their wings and then spit?


I don’t even want to think about what else it could be!

I cannot remember ever seeing this many locusts or hearing the sound of them as loud as it is right now.

Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention before, but when I walked outside near those trees I had to dodge several and I had to knock a couple of them off of me.

Even standing on my porch, which is quite a distance away from the trees, I had to dodge a couple that were flying by.

You’d think I would recall hearing and seeing this many before.

Normally, the mocking birds are in and out of those trees, but not yesterday.

I did watch the birds, they flew and sat near the trees, but never flew in to rest on a branch. They looked a little confused. And you know mocking birds are not afraid of anything. But they sure weren’t flying into those trees.

Do you remember a time when there seemed to be hundreds of locusts in a small area like this?

I sure don’t!

Happy Wednesday!



3 comments on “Hundreds – A Video

  1. Oh man, that would soon drive you bananas. Perhaps the rain and humidity has made them in abundance this time. I don’t like for a locust to land on me. They really freak me out. Not sure why, except they are so big and ugly.

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