Deja Vu – May 4, 2009

Another Deja vu for you!

Today’s deja vu is showing me just how behind I am at getting my garden planted. Only a few things have made their way to the great outdoors. Right now the moon is not favorable for planting above ground crops. So I’ll finish the last week of school (this semester) and be ready to start digging and planting when the moon is in the right phase.

Originally posted May 4, 2009…….

Everything is getting their third leaves.

Green beans, zucchini , cucumber and summer squash.


I have lost two of my banana peppers so far. The rest seem to be doing well.


The sunflowers have added their fourth leaves.


Green onions are almost ready to eat.


These heirloom tomato plants are too small for blooming, so I pinch the blooms off, letting all the energy go to the growing of the plant. There will be time for tomato blooms and tomatoes later.


These are roma tomato plants I started from seed. I’ve been waiting for them to get big enough to plant. I think they’re ready now.


This peach is already bigger than any of the peaches we harvested last year. But I’m worried that the small branches won’t hold it up. If it starts putting stress on the branch I’ll have to pick it before it’s ripe.


The iris show is almost over.


So what’s your Monday report?

How is your garden growing?

Are you behind schedule, like me?

Happy Tuesday!



6 comments on “Deja Vu – May 4, 2009

  1. I am sooo behind schedule. Nothing is planted. My garden boxes are overrun with weeds! It has been raining for weeks, so I’ve been putting it off. But I need to get started soon.

  2. Well, we do finally have the garden plowed! That feels like an accomplishment. We are getting seed potatoes and onions today, maybe the onions can get in the ground before it rains again, but then again, maybe not.

  3. yes I’m behind schedule garden wise but just came in from picking rocks so it can be rotatilled. I found a garlic & I think some pumpkins or zuccinie’s so transplanted them into pots in the green house so they don’t get rotatilled up.

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