Smile – Digital Road Sign

When you get into the bigger cities you see those huge digital signs that are mostly there to make you aware of a delay ahead, usually due to an accident. Or they may give you an idea of how long it will take you to get from that sign to another point further along.


here in my town, they alert you to zombies and tanks.

That’s right.

I said zombies and tanks.

Someone apparently hacked into two of our signs that were set up temporarily due to road construction.

One read, “Zombies Ahead: Watch For Hunters”.

And the other one read, “Be alert for tanks”.

I don’t think the city or the construction company who contracted to have those signs placed was none too happy about it.

And I’ve heard that it has happened in other places and criminal charges were brought about.

I’m sure that whoever the prankster was that hacked in and put their own twist on what we needed to be alerted of had only good intentions.

I mean who wouldn’t want to know that there are zombies, zombie hunters and tanks running loose in your neighborhood?

Personally, I haven’t seen any zombies or tanks, but I’ll be sure to let you know if I do.

And that is what’s making me smile this week!

What about you?

Happy Thursday!


P.S. I can only imagine what kind of traffic is going to be coming to the blog now.  😆


7 comments on “Smile – Digital Road Sign

  1. Funny! But I can see why charges would be brought if the hacker was found; there’s potential for an accident if someone doesn’t know exactly what to be truly looking out for!

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