It’s Not So Bad

Last weekend, I mowed the yard for the first time this year.

And I didn’t break anything!

Those around me know that I have really bad luck with lawn mowers.

I work really hard to NOT run over things that will tear up the mower.

Like the rocks that grow up out of the ground each time it rains.

And I work really hard to NOT run into things.

Like fences and such.

But somehow, no matter how hard I try NOT to, I tear up the lawn mower.

Or it just breaks down.

I swore off mowing one whole summer, mostly because we didn’t have the money to fix anything that broke.

****** 😆 ******

I like to spend one whole day getting the mowing done, cause that’s how long it takes.

And it really frustrates me to no end to have to stop and work on something halfway through the mowing process.

Around here it’s a big deal for “me” to mow the lawn with no “problems”.

******** :mrgreen: ********



Looks like this summer may not be so bad afterall.

Happy Saturday!



9 comments on “It’s Not So Bad

  1. I actually like mowing my lawn, its good exercise. I make sure to do it before I get in the shower. But thats good you didn’t mess anything up.

  2. Congratulations. Keep up the good work. I hate to think about the mowing, hopefully I won’t have to worry until April. But if the front stays looking dead, I may only have the backyard to mow. We killed off the grass last summer late, and then planted grass seed in the Fall, but it never sprouted, perhaps it still will this spring. We’ll have to wait and see. I amy see what it would cost to have the front sodded, we don’t have a large front yard. But I usually mow the front and trim it one day and mow the back the next day. Anymore it’s too much for this old lady to do at one time.

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