2011 Farm Photo 8

This peach tree, a gift from a relative, was planted last year in memory of my brother. It stands between two other peach trees, gifts from friends, planted in 2006 in memory of my parents.

It is blooming profusely this year.

When I talk about the peach trees, I refer to them by name, Mom, Dad and the third, I call Bear, which was my brother’s nickname.

Those in my family know which specific tree I’m talking about when I call it by name.

If the happiness of this tree is any indication as to how happy my brother is in Heaven…..

I would say he is ecstatic.

Happy Friday!



7 comments on “2011 Farm Photo 8

  1. I would say he is! I LOVE this and everytime I see a peach tree I will think of your parents and your brother….. I want to get one to plant in my yard and name it Bear…… It is bound to make my yard look beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing something so personal. (((hugs)))

  2. What a beautiful tribute! We have a tree rose that was given to us when my father in law passed away and always called is “Avo’s Rose”. When we moved 8 years ago, we had to leave it. Several years later, in talking to the new homeowners, we discovered they were going to take it out…we took the chance by transplanting it at the wrong time of year and it flourished in our new home…such a beautiful way to remember a loved one. Blessings, Becky.

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