Smile – MMS

I just love new technology.

And what’s making me smile right now is MMS.

Picture messaging.

When my cell phone alerts me to a new message and I open it to find that someone has sent me a picture, it makes me smile.

Most of the pictures I receive are of grandbabies.

Like this…..

A new toy….

A new doo…..

Or just hours after the birth of a grandbaby….

Smilin’ a few weeks later…

A bunch of grandbabies….

Grandbabies in the snow…..

A grandbaby and an old friend…..

Right now the age of technology and MMS are what’s making me smile.

What’s making you smile???

Happy Thursday!



11 comments on “Smile – MMS

  1. Seeing your pics. That big boy has a way of always making one smile and before you know it everybody around him is smiling at how awesome he is!

  2. Reading your blog about what makes you smile. I found my self sitting here smiling. My cell phone is only a TracPhone, for emergencies. I don’t want any other kind. I wouldn’t use it enough. Our one daughter is instant messaging all the time, even while visiting with her family or friends. Makes some of us upset. LOL Her sisters tell her do one or the other but not both at the same time. Two daughters have cars, that they can somehow call without even picking up their phone, and they can carry on a conversation just like if the person were sitting in the car with them. Myself, again, I wouldn’t want that. In fact a lot of time when I am going someplace along, I don’t even have my radio on. I like the quiet. And nothing irritates me more then seeing these Mother’s pulling in to the school parking lot to pick up their kids, talking on the phone and trying to get their big a$$ vehicle into a small spot without putting the phone down. Also I hate it when someone is in a store shopping, and at first you think they are talking to you, until they give you a dirty look, because you’ve interrupted their conversation. I wonder how so many got along without a cell phone? When I was a teenager, we even had a party line and had one old lady that was always eavesdropping on all the conversations of the others on the line with her. I guess these new gadgets are for the younger people. LOL

  3. Thats my babies!!!! Well technically the first 3 but ya know…I can claim them all if I want to. Thats what makes me smile!

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