Cards, Seeds, a Spider and a Poll

It seems that my kitchen sink will become a regular here on the blog, because behind it is where things tend to grow best. So I’m constantly putting things there or taking things away.

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a couple of plants behind the kitchen sink that seem to like their new home.

Just look at them now!

The blooms from the orange ornamental pepper plant have turned into peppers.

And the amaryllis is growing tall.

Just two weeks ago it was barely a sprout. I wonder if it will actually bloom this time????

I’ve also added another plant to the growing plant population behind my kitchen sink.

A friend got a start from a varigated spider plant and potted it in this cute little snowman coffee mug for me.

She’s such a sweetheart!

She also gave me another start from a green spider plant but for some reason I didn’t take a picture of it.

And a sure sign that spring is soon to come is that my seeds are beginning to sprout.

What do ya think of my seed marking system?

When I began planting seeds I didn’t have any of those cute little markers that you write on, but I had plenty of old cards laying around. So I just cut them to fit and wrote the corresponding number in my garden journal beside the seed name that was planted.

Here’s a poll for ya.

Have you planted your seeds yet? Or do you prefer to buy them already started at your local home improvement center?

Happy Monday!



10 comments on “Cards, Seeds, a Spider and a Poll

  1. Yes….your plants are looking good. I took your poll…I start my own….usually. 🙂 Not all of them though. We don’t get to start as early as you, though.

  2. I love spider plants. I had a beautiful one years ago at the place I worked, it hung in front of the window by my desk. We were tickled pink when it started having ‘babies’! I have a Christmas cactus in my kitchen window (I know this is probably the worse place to have a Christmas cactus) but it is so beautiful, the leaves (or whatever you call them) are trimmed in red and the end segments of them are entirely red! So pretty! Good luck with your seeds.

  3. I actually buy some plants from the store (tomato especially) and a plant my own seeds of some plants (cucumbers).

  4. I love Darlas comment and I do the same thing as Peaches!!! I rearranged things on my window shelf in my kitchen and my other amarylis took off again but different this time. I also love spider plants and if yours has babies can I adopt one???

  5. Wish I had a place where things grew good inside. I haven’t started my seeds yet-I need to. I did plant some lettuce and spinach last weekend.

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