2011 Wheedle Word 6

Last week the Wheedle Word  was….


Most of you are OVER the current winter weather scene.

And believe me I’m right there with you!

Honestly, winter is one of those necessary evils for several different reasons.

Yeah, the snow is beautiful. But once is enough to satisfy me. More importantly it makes me appreciate spring all the more.

How about a new Wheedle Word?

What does the word….


make you think of?

Happy Wheedle Day!


Click here to learn how to play!


8 comments on “2011 Wheedle Word 6

  1. Oh, Becky, your bright new blog background was just what I needed to see today!

    It’s probably just a local thing, but Original makes me think Pizza.

    Not kidding. It was in all the malls when I was growing up, so there you go.
    Original Pizza.

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