Wanna See?

I spent Saturday, a few weeks ago, at an Wrestling Conference Tournament for Boo. We left the house at 6am and didn’t return until after 9pm. Boy was that a long day.

Even more so for Boo. He wrestled 5 matches that day and was exhausted by bedtime.

He didn’t win the medal he’d hoped for but did place 4th for his weight class in the conference. He really should have had 3rd place, but I won’t go into that.

I get more than a little irritated when I think about it. We did video tape his matches and he won’t even watch the last one. The one that should have put him in 3rd place. It was scored unfairly to say the least…..

See there…just don’t get me started. I’ll be ranting all over again. And believe me, it’s not pretty when I rant.

But I will say this….

He started wrestling at the end of November. He had never participated in this sport or really even watched it before. With only about two months of training he went from knowing very little about the sport to being in 4th place in the conference, I’d say he’s doing a great job.

Wanna see?

Ok, here’s a video of his first match of the day.

(Look for The Captain in the orange shirt)

Oh, and turn your sound down, it’s kinda loud.

My daughter, his sister, can be seen at the end just in front of the camera clapping for him.

He has his own cheering section with the family and friends that traveled to watch him in the last matches of the season.

I’ve got a big mouth, huh? And talk about an accent?!?!


Next time I’m recording I’ll be sure to have some duct tape handy.

Happy Tuesday!



5 comments on “Wanna See?

  1. Way to go Boo!! And yes I could see the Captain-he was working hard for his boy! 4th place after such a short time wrestling is amazing-give Boo a pat on the back for me. And the total unfairness thing-I can see why you got hot under the collar about that!

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