Smile – The Rabbit

Yes, I’m talking about my camera, not one of those cute furry things.


I love the new age of digital photography.

I can click until my little heart’s content.

For instance, while I’m at one of my son’s wrestling matches, I am constantly snapping away as he’s attempting to take down his opponent.

Or taking pictures of one of my grandkids just being a kid.

Not all the pictures turn out great, but I do get a lot of great shots.

And the beauty of digital is that I can delete what didn’t turn out well and not feel like I’m throwing money out the window.

Having the ability to capture moments like this…..

Makes me smile!

So what’s making you smile this week?

Happy Thursday!



7 comments on “Smile – The Rabbit

  1. It has been getting up in the 40’s this week. I’ve even been able to walk in the woods with out being bogged down by so much snow. That has been making me smile.

  2. Becky: The snow is melting and it brings a smile to my face. The water will appear again in time.
    The digital camera makes such great captures and the delete button is really handy.

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