Smile – Gifts

Recently, I’ve received gifts in the mail from fellow bloggers.

The first one I received in December.

Stacey was having a drawing for these….

Aren’t they gorgeous? I love the colors!

The other was from Darla.

On her blog she asked if anyone wanted some seeds from pictures she posted,

and well….you know how I am about growing things……

Now, I can’t wait to find the perfect outfit to wear with those earrings and I’m hoping spring comes quickly so I can get those seeds planted.

I just love getting things in the mail and to tell you the truth I loved the cards just as much as the gifts inside.

Seriously, where do you guys find those cute cards?????

Thank you both!!


These are what’s making me smile this week!

What’s making you smile right now????


7 comments on “Smile – Gifts

  1. Another snow day is making me smile today. I love lounging around with the girls on days like today. We’re supposed to get 5″ today.
    Your seed packets are making me long for spring. I can’t wait to start seeing green instead of white all the time!

  2. A poem I submitted to ‘Holler’, which is a small journal of poetry and prose, was accepted to be in their Winter edition. That is what is making me smile at the moment.

  3. Yeah! Little bloggy gifts are one of the best things ever! I wondered who won Stacey’s earrings and am glad it was you~

    The pork roast in my crockpot is what’s making me smile this morning. I love coming home at night to an already cooked meal!

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