2011 Wheedle Word 2

Last week’s Wheedle Word


Most of you said you wished you had more ENERGY. And I agree with you, I sure wish I had more. The spring semester started for me this week and I’m gonna need all I can get.

We also try to save on our energy bill as much as possible, by burning wood in the fireplace for heat and turning off and unplugging everything possible.

How do you save on your energy costs?

Now for a new Wheedle Word.

What comes to mind when you read the word….


Hmmmm….that will make you think.

For those of you new to Wheedle Word….

CLICK HERE to learn how to play along.


7 comments on “2011 Wheedle Word 2

  1. Pink is actually a town close by to where I live. There is an annual motorcycle rally there. I have never been to a rally but I read about them online. Anyway, Pink reminds me of that town in Oklahoma.

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