Note To Mother Nature

Last week the weather service began reporting a major storm moving toward the east coast.

And survival mode set in.

Things started running through my head that needed to be done before the storm actually made it to my corner of the world.

And one of the things that was ranked high on the list was making sure “The Rabbit’s” battery was charged.

So I could show you what the farm looks like when covered with a blanket of white.

We received about 8 inches of snow on Monday.

I posted this one on Facebook.

We have begun feeding the horses at the new shelter we built for them. In hopes they would realize they could hide in there from the rain, sleet, snow and wind that Old Man Winter is currently sending our way.

But still it stands empty. They eat and they leave, preferring to take shelter in the woods they are more accustomed to.

Or stand out in the open and brave the elements.

I wonder how long it will take before they realize they have a new hiding place?

And I’ll leave you with a view of the newly opened pasture as it looked when the snow was falling rather heavy.

My area of South Carolina is more accustomed to ice storms rather than snow storms.

But this time we get them both…one after the other.

Our Governor has declared South Carolina in a state of emergency and the forces are standing by waiting to be called.

Personally, I love the snow. It is beautiful. I had forgotten just how beautiful it can be after all those years with little snow.

But now, it came, we played in it and made snow cream for the first time and now I’m ready for it to leave and not come back atleast not until next winter.

Note to Mother Nature…….Bring on spring, I am more than ready!!!



7 comments on “Note To Mother Nature

  1. Beautiful photos. We get dumped on every year. It’s hard for me to imagine winters with little to no snow. School’s out today as we are supposed to get around 4″ or so. That means sledding down the hill out back!!

  2. Beautiful !!! Just Beautiful so jealous 😉 the pictures are lovely and thank you for braving the elements for us. Sounds like you are going to be getting some more too…

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