2011 Farm Photo 1

On Christmas night it snowed here in South Carolina.

Just after it began.

And here…

Even though only a couple of inches fell it was still exciting.

It was the first snow on Christmas since 1947.

This has been the coldest December on record for our area.

How about where you are?

We are expecting snow again the first of next week.

Maybe a couple of inches or a couple of feet.

The weather service can’t decide.

Is it just me or have we had some crazy weather within the last year or so?


7 comments on “2011 Farm Photo 1

  1. Last year we were inundated with snow all winter. This year we’ve only seen a few flakes so far. We are expecting some of the white stuff early next week. I’d say we’ve been having weird weather for at least a couple of years now.

  2. We get snow very rarely here too (last time was 12 years ago) so I can imagine the excitement of a White Christmas in your neck of the woods. We have had a remarkably wet year here.

  3. hey I hope it hold off till monday…. but I don’t think it will…..we will bring the truck over this time…..(remember the thunder snow sleepover) 😉
    The foodstores where packed this afternoon! Toliet paper, milk and bread is flying off shelves!…. lol
    Love the snow when I can stay home and play in it!

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