Garden Remnants

Remember when I showed you this ornamental pepper plant I found back in the summer at a local home improvement center?


Don’t worry, it’s still growing strong and I’m still saving seeds.

But I was at that same home improvement center and I found another type of ornamental pepper plant.

For half price!!

So now I have two different ones. And I’ll be saving seeds from them both in hopes that next year I can have them cheering up the farm next summer.

And notice that this one is in my favorite color….ORANGE.

Our first frost was last friday morning. It was a light frost as was saturday’s frost. But Sunday’s frost was colder.

Before the hard frost came I made one last trip out to the garden.

A few things were still growing.

Like those pumpkin plants that overran the garden this past summer.

The light frosts had begun to take their toll, but they were still trying to grow pumpkins.

They are one tough plant. As is the Mexican sunflower plants.

Which I am saving seeds from, also.

Late last winter I started sweet bell pepper seeds inside. They didn’t do well over the summer because of the heat and lack of water. But they never died out.

But they didn’t produce anything either. Until now. This is the only pepper I got out of the garden. It’s about 3 inches long and I just picked it on saturday.

If our growing season was another month or so longer, I believe I would have plenty of peppers because on saturday they were blooming profusely.

But Mr. Jack Frost took care of that.

Here are the only two birdhouse gourds that survived the summer.

One of them dried completely on the vine. It’s ready to be what its was grown to be. A birdhouse.

I let one cucumber stay on the vine until the vine died. I remember my Grandmother letting her cucumbers go to seed this way.

I cut it in half….

and scooped out the seeds…..

And put them in some water to removed all the slimy stuff.

I’ll clean them up and let them dry, then store them to plant next year.

And one last thing that came from the garden is this poor thing…..

It was a pumpkin at one time. Well, I guess it still is a pumpkin, but not a very pretty one.

Can you imagine what kind of face you could put on that for Halloween?

It kinda reminds me of the shrunken heads you make by cutting faces in apples and letting them dry up.

Now I guess I need to get out there and clean up this years’ garden remnants and get busy planning next years’ garden.

Happy Monday!

5 comments on “Garden Remnants

  1. That pumpkin would be perfect to carve an old man face on.
    Orange is my favorite color too!
    I’m gonna have to do that cucumber seed thing next year. Thanks for sharing that tip!

  2. Our garden is completely gone, except for the turnips. We had so many peppers we didn’t know what to do with them! I like that wrinkly old pumpkin, too.

  3. I love this longer garden post Becky. Yes mam, you know I save as many seeds as I can get too. Free plants…you know all peppers need bottom heat to germinate right?

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