Okay Team Fencepost, Here We Go!

It’s that time of year again.


My favorite holiday.

And it’s time for the Team Fencepost 3rd Annual Reader Contributed Halloween Story!

I’ve come to look forward to this and I hope you have too.

In case you are new here, this is how it works…

I begin the story and in the comment section, you keep the story going.

Keep it nice, but keep it spooky…Halloween-ey.

But most of all let’s have some fun with it.

I’ll keep this post up all week so we can keep adding to it.

I’ll end the story on midnight October 30 and on Halloween, October 31, I’ll post the whole thing for you to read.

You’ll have to come back on October 31 to read the end of the story.


Okay, let’s get started!

Halloween 2010

Back in the woods just outside of a small town in the valley, there was an abandoned cemetery, a final resting place,  that lay quiet and dark, most of the time. But all the townsfolk knew that when the nights began to cool and the leaves began to fall it would bring with it strange happenings. Things they couldn’t explain or control. Things like….

Okay, it’s your turn!

See ya on October 31 with the 3rd Annual Reader Contributed Halloween Story.

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13 comments on “Okay Team Fencepost, Here We Go!

  1. Folks who lived near by or even people who had to pass by the cemetary-claimed they heard strange noises-the kind of sounds that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

  2. But one blustery fall night-when a full moon was shining bright in the night sky-the kids from town decided someone should discover exactly what was going on in the cemetary-and as usual they decided I should be the one to find out.

  3. My friends walked with me to the cemetery, but once inside they padlocked the gate shut and told me that they’d be back for me in the morning. My job was to stay up all night in the cemetery and find out what was happening. So I…

  4. climbed a tree to be out of sight from the ground. Maybe if I was up high in the tree, whatever made those noises wouldn’t notice me. After climbing up into the folage of the tree I came acoss …

  5. All I could think of was who are they, why is an owl talking to me-and am I going to die? Just before I fell out of the tree from fear I decided I better do the only thing left to do-ask the owl what was going on.

  6. There was one night when I went out on a flight. It was very dark that night even though the night had a full moon. I could feel the whisps of of fog going through my wings. I wondered what would be the effect the fog would have on me. It turned out that…………..

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