Are Ya Ready?

Everybody ready for Halloween?

We are not.

Believe it or not, we just haven’t had any time to decorate for Halloween.

I know…

Can you believe it?

Sometimes you just have to prioritize.

And this year, Halloween has been at the bottom of the list.

But it’s time for the 3rd Annual Team Fencepost reader contributed Halloween story.

This coming week is dedicated to just that.

I don’t know about you but I have begun to look forward to it.

I will have no other posts.

Just YOUR Halloween story.

Monday I will begin the story it’s up to you to keep it going.

I might add in there every now and then, but it’s up to you to keep it going.

Then on Halloween, October 31, I will end the story and post the whole thing for you.

So get up early, eat a good breakfast and do whatever it is that you do to get those creative juices flowing!



3 comments on “Are Ya Ready?

  1. I love the Halloween Story you do each year-so fun and such a neat idea too!

    No decorating here either-I think me and you should clone ourselves so we have more time 🙂

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