Inside-Out Time

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac 2010 edition,

this time of year is called the Inside-Out Time.

As quoted from the Old Farmer’s Almanac….

“After all the leaves are down, after the first frosts have come, after the fallacious reprieve of Indian summr, but before the snow begins to fly in earnest, there arrives a segment of the year that has no name, but that might be called Inside-Out Time.”

It’s a time when it’s cold in the house in the morning, but by afternoon the outside is shorts and flip flop weather.

In the mornings I prestart the truck and turn the heat on just to take the bite out of the chilly morning.

By mid-morning I’m riding with the windows down.

And by noon the windows are up and the air conditioning is blowing.

Personally, I can’t stand to get up to a cold house. It takes me forever to coax myself out from under the warm quilts. And that makes me late getting my day started, which I despise even more.

It’s when you dress in layers.

Layers to be peeled off one by one throughout the day.

If your house is well insulated the coolness of the night lingers through the day, leaving it warmer outside than inside.

Which is why it is called Inside-Out Time.

And leaves the question as asked in the Old Farmer’s Almanac….

“Should we warm the house or simply leave it, to live outdoors with the squirrels and the deer until winter comes?”

(Just in case you’re wondering….The Old Farmer’s Almanac has no idea who I am. I just love to read it and thought I would share it with those of you who don’t)


6 comments on “Inside-Out Time

  1. I love the Farmer’s Almanac, too. Right now the coolness in the mornings is a Godsend. Sleeping with the windows open is a favorite of mine.

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