Saturday Snippets

Here are a few random pictures for this week’s Saturday Snippets.

Some are taken with my phone, others are not.

At our local Flying J, that has now been sold to Pilot and is in the process of renovations including the restaurant within, there are these elephant ear plants growing outside. The picture was taken with my cell phone and the lighting wasn’t exactly the greatest, but you can see the ears.

They are huge! I love elephant ears and have tried unsuccessfully several times to grow them here on the farm.

One weekend a couple of weeks ago we recieved quite a bit of rain.

You can’t tell it now. It’s bone dry again.

But a visit to our local home improvement store also showed proof that the rain had visited.

The day after the rain moved on, the sky seemed to still threaten us with downpours that never came.

And for the last random shot…

my daughter sent this picture to me via text message, asking if I knew what this flower is.

It grows wild outside her house and was blooming in August.

I don’t know what it is.

Do you?


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