According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac in my area of the mid-atlantic our temperatures will be below normal and the precipitation above normal.

That kind of sounds like a repeat of last year’s winter weather.

Country people look for signs from nature to predict the coming winter.

Things like the wooly worm caterpillar.

They say that the more black there is the harsher the winter will be.

And most of the time they are brown and black. With the black stretch like a belt around the middle of the wooly worm.

The wider the belt the longer the winter.

Sometimes they’re black on each end with a brown belt. Meaning harsh at the beginning and end of winter, and not so harsh in the middle.

I average seeing one wooly worm a year since I moved to South Carolina.

Last year’s wooly was very light in color. And we all know that the whole country had a very harsh winter last year.

This is the only wooly I’ve seen this year.

He’s not brown or black. He’s tan. Darker than the one I spotted last year.

And much different than the one from last year and maybe that one wasn’t a true wooly.

But according to tradition of predicting by the wooly, we should have a mild winter.

Then there’s the persimmon seed.

The prediction is if it looks like a fork it will be a harsh winter.

If it looks like a spoon it will be a mild winter.

And you know we have persimmon trees here on the farm, so I had to go check it out and share it with you.

So what do you think?

Spoon or fork?

It just looks like a seed to me.

I didn’t look at them last year.

But I did the year before, and the seed looked like a spoon with a dip in the center just like a spoon would have.

And if I remember correctly our winter wasn’t too harsh, about normal I would say.

Honestly, I’ve never seen one that looked like a fork.

Have you?

Do you know of any other old time weather predictions?

I would love to hear about them!



8 comments on “Predictions

  1. We look for the wooly worms too. Don’t know about your seed there…we also watch the squirrels and how may bare stripped pinecones are laying around….

  2. We have wooly worms all over the place here. Tons of them.
    Didn’t know the one about the persimmon seeds. Interesting.

  3. We’ve seen 2 wooly worms this year – one white and one with a wide band of black in the middle. I haven’t seen any persimmons this year . Like Darla, we watch the squirrels and how thick their coats and tails are.

  4. Well, if we go by your wooly worm, you won’t have much of a winter. Remember last year, my wooly worm was entirely black and we had an awful winter! Let’s hope your wooly worm is right. I’ve never heard of the one about the persimmons.

  5. I remember going to the Wooly Worm festival when I was younger up in the mountains. I never could remember which one was for what? I just get surprised with whatever weather comes my way!

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