Peppers and Herbs

Here are a few things that are growing right now on the farm.

I was at a friends house a year or so ago and she had a pot of ornamental peppers growing.

I loved the splash of color they gave.

I finally found them at a local home improvement store.

And you know they had to follow me home. (tee hee)

First, they start off like this….

About two weeks later, they look like this….

I just love all the different shades. Perfect colors for not only summer but fall, too.

Don’t you think?

I will bring them in when the danger of frost gets near and keep them growing as long as possible.

We’ll see if they will grow through the winter and into spring.

In the meantime, I am saving the seeds from the matured peppers.

Also, I have replanted some of my herbs.

The chives are coming along nicely, although not as much as I expected actually sprouted and grew.

but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

I also planted oregano when I planted the chives.

They are growing about the same rate as the chives.

I will also bring those in when the fear of frost presents itself.

There’s a few things presently thriving on the farm.

So what are you growing?


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