Wheedle Word 48

Happy Wednesday!

It’s time for Wheedle Word again.

Last week, I gave you the word…


That word make me think of more words.

Words like…




STRONG (as in odor)



FLO (as in Mel’s Diner)

CHEAP (as in jewelry)

It’s not my style, by hey if it’s your style, I say go for it.

To each his own. It’s what makes this world a little more interesting.

Now for a new Wheedle Word.

Since it’s the first week of Autumn 2010,

let’s get in the spirit and think Autumn thoughts.

What comes to mind with the word…



What’s a Wheedle Word?

Click here to find out!


9 comments on “Wheedle Word 48

  1. The first thing to come to mind is a big beautiful harvest moon, then I think of combine’s harvesting the grain, sending their dust into the air to tint the evening skies.

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