Plants, Seeds and Rain

This has been a sad summer for anything growing outside here on the farm.

I planted three leyland cypress trees along our fenceline with the hopes of seperating the farm from the neighborhood next door.

And two of them have died and one is sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to give up or not.

I took this picture around the first of August.


As you can see the grass was still green and growing.

Now it is all brown and crunchy.

No walking outside barefoot.

Instead of the cool grass tickling your toes you’ll have dead things stabbing your feet.


I have replanted them and have high hopes that they will survive.

I have a third leyland cypress still in its pot waiting to see if the third one already planted will give up the ghost or not.

I’ve had this aloe vera plant for severl years.

 It overcrowded its pot and began to grow long. I think the window that I moved it to did not provide enough sunlight.

I seperated and transplanted into several pots.

I didn’t have much hope for that one pictured above, but I planted it anyway.

And this is what it gave me.

Once those became established I snipped off the long leggy stalks and threw them out.

I’ve kept a close eye on it and it is growing beautifully.

Last year, I grew Rose Moss. I think some people call it Moss Rose.

Either way, I kept the seeds from it.

See that little black round thing in the center?

That is where the seeds are. They are very tiny.

I sprinkled them over the soil in this pot then covered it with a thin layer of soil and watered.

I took that picture back in May when it was just getting stared.

I haven’t taken any pictures of it since.

I know…..I should be pistol whipped.

It did grow nicely over the summer and had pretty yellow blooms.

I expected there to be red and white blooms as well as yellow like last year, but there was only yellow.

Guess that was the only color I kept seeds from.

I’ll pay better attention next time.

I imagine by now you are sick of hearing that it is too hot and too dry.


Well, this weekend…



It’s supposed to hang around for a few days, too.


And the heat has moved along, too.

Did you know that we broke records this year in the southeast?

The record in my area was 88 consecutive days of 90 degrees or higher.

Not only did we beat that but we have set temperature records also.

Click here, to read a little about it.

Friday, they announced we were officially in drought conditions.

 The temperature has dropped about 15 degrees from Saturday to Sunday. The weather changes always amaze me. According to the 10 day forcast, it is supposed to be in the 70’s everyday.

It is a welcome change.

We have needed relief from the heat as well as needed precipitation.

The rain finally came and I think fall has arrived.

It’s time to think “HALLOWEEN”!

Happy Monday!!!



13 comments on “Plants, Seeds and Rain

  1. We’ve had record breaking heat & dryness here in Indiana too. We’ve still not gotten any rain and the fireworks for our fall festival this past weekend had to be canceled. However, the temps have finally fallen and I’m with you, I’ve got Halloween on the brain! Have a great week!

  2. I’ve been thinking Halloween too! Just can’t figure out what little man is gonna dress up as. Too bad I just washed my car saturday and now its rained all day Sunday! Oh well, we needed the rain.

  3. Those are the cutest little alovera plants.
    We have had quite a bit of moisture here. We’re just hopping it doesn’t continue into winter with huge snowdrifts.

  4. ditto we must be in the same zone. we still need rain so we dig up the sweet taters which might be the only thing we get out of our garden this year. Well the cucumbers were good. I hear ya on the heat relief.

  5. Yes…those are moss roses or also known as portulaca. 🙂 I grow them and still have a few nice pots around our farm yard. They are very hardy and can take heat and dryness too! 😉 So glad you received your much needed rain. We have had LOTS of rain this summer…it has been a tough harvest with all the rain…but we are plugging away …still not done. It’s gonna be a dry warm week so that helps and we can get our combines roaring out in the field! 🙂 Come on over and visit!

  6. Re: Loofah in tree…of course my husband has offered to shoot it out of the tree…..As long as the loofahs don’t start turning black, you can just let the first frost kill the vine and then pull it down. You have to bang the loofah on the ground to crack the skin for peeling so it dropping to the ground shouldn’t hurt it. It will be ineresting to say the least though.

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