Wheedle Word 47

Okay, I know I missed last week.

And I’m not gonna make excuses.

I slack.

It happens from time to time.

I just wanna know if there is a way to squeeze a few more hours out of each day?

If you know the secret let me know.

Speaking of secret, that was the last word I gave you.

I noticed that several of you mentioned the book, “Secret Garden”.

You know, I have never read that book.

But I’m thinking that I need to since it is such a popular book.

Secrets, to me, are something told from one to another in confidence.

Whether it be from someone’s heart, a surprise for someone else or maybe a secret ingredient in an old family recipe.

They are words spoken and entrusted for you to keep safely quiet.

It’s not about hiding something from someone else.

It’s about trust from one friend or family member to another.

And trust is a big issue with me.

It is important!

How about a new word.

What comes to mind when you read the word…..



Want to know what a Wheedle Word is?




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