Gardener’s Bible

I’m just curious….

How many of you read the “Old Time Farmers’ Almanac”?


and those of you who do read it….

have you picked up this year’s copy?

It is out in the stores now, you know.

Thanks for participating in the polls!!

During the winter, while I’m NOT gardening, but contemplating and planning next year’s garden,  I’m thinking of posting a few things from the almanac.

You did know it is the gardener’s bible, right?

It will replace the Monday Garden Report, that is until garden season gets back into full swing next spring.

And I may throw in a few things that I am growing now or planning to grow or maybe seeds I’m saving.

But Monday’s are dedicated to garden related posts.

Happy Monday, y’all!!



8 comments on “Gardener’s Bible

  1. My grandfather used to read it all the time. I remember him reading it to know when he was planting his garden, going fishing… I almost bought one last year…I think I will pick one up this year now for sure.

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