Garden Report – Week 15

This year’s garden was a bust.

Lack of rain and lack of time to spend working in the garden were the major reasons.

And we’ll not even discuss the critters that invaded what did have a chance to grow.

Once something began to ripen it was a race to see who discovered it first.

If the critters took just one bit out of it, it began to rot and that was the end of it.

This year’s garden was not worth the effort it took to plant it.

I hate it when that happens.

But I did learn a few things this year.

Last year I dug up a new place to plant a garden.

And last year’s and this year’s garden did not produce like I think it should have.

Mostly because of the critter invasion.

Next year that are will be planted only in corn.

And the corn will be planted in another direction.

Instead of rows across the garden, it will be planted in rows from end to end.

Hopefully, this way it will withstand the wind and not fall over.

I do not like to use chemicals on the the fresh food that I grow.

So this winter I will be researching ways to organically control the critter population.

For instance, by planting marigolds. It seems bugs and such do not like their scent.

Also, I will not be planting pumpkins in my garden.

They completely overran better than half of my garden.

They produced very little, but the vines just kept growing.

They will have an area all their own.

I built a fence around my cantelope and watermelon patch area of the garden to keep out the rabbits.

But that didn’t stop the rodents. They completely hollowed out the cantelope as soon as it was even close to being ripe.

I did get two nice size watermelons.

And they were delicious!

So I’ll have to figure something else to enclose the cantelopes.

Any ideas?

I have decided to plant a small herb garden next year also.

The herbs did well, but they were overran by the pumpkins.

I will be picking the basil and hanging it to dry soon.

 This winter while researching organic pest control, I’ll also be deciding where I’ll be planting things next year.

This is the last post for this year’s very disappointing garden report.


13 comments on “Garden Report – Week 15

  1. Our garden struggled as well. You can have a container herb garden you know….we use garlic oil spray to deter the rabbits and it seemed to have worked….let us know if you come up with some ideas..

  2. We didn’t have too much trouble with critters, and the bugs weren’t too bad. The heat really took it’s toll on the tomatoes and our squash were a total waste of time. We had several cucumbers. I made one batch of pickles. But the okra, oh brother, we had okra running out our ears and I thought we didn’t plant enough. When the temps soared above 100, we had to pick it daily and were getting a 2 gallon bucket full each day. Now it is so high I have to bend it over to cut what is at the top, and it has started producing from suckers at the bottom of the plants. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. This was our first garden in quite some time, so we already have some thoughts for next year.

    Would mothballs help with the rodent problem? If not, may be time to invest in a cat.

  3. I am not sure I have a good idea about the critters. Next year I am going to try some straw bale gardening. Plants grow out of the strawl bales and it limits the weed problem, which is a huge problem for us.

  4. My pumpkins did great. I sold 15 of them yesterday. They did try to take over the whole garden & I had to cut them back. They are still sending out runners. We built a fence around the garden & that helped but we had a gopher that ate up allot of the carrots & something I think birds are after the tommatoes.

  5. Sorry about your garden. We didn’t have much rain, either. Our peppers did great and are still producing. We had so many potato bugs, it’s a wonder I didn’t dream about them. Most of our tomato plants have died and the ones left are going bad where the stem enters the tomato, don’t know what’s causing that. My watermelon that sprouted from a ‘spitted seed’ is growing fast and doing very good. I think we just might get to eat it. Marigolds do seem to deter the critters, I always put a few pots around my garden spot.

  6. Well my little winter garden is dead!!! Nothing grew successfully except for the broad beans..which are still going. Maybe they wont get beans….not sure…..but they have flowered and are looking healthy! The rest…all my cabbages, silverbeet, peas, carrots etc….died:(

  7. I know what you mean. My herb garden worked out well, but not my tomatoes. They fell over, got viney, and never quite tasted like a good summer tomato should.

    The marigolds are now pretty, though. I love them, and mums, in the autumn.

    Next summer we’ll do better, right? If Mother Nature allows it. 🙂

  8. We had one of those hollowed out cantalopes last year. I have never had good luck with pumpkins, the vines go EVERYWHERE but I don’t think I have ever got a pumpkin off of one. hmmm.. I plan on planting a garden next year but probably minus any pumpkins. If you find any good tips for keeping garden pests at bay without chemicals don’t forget to share! 🙂

  9. It was a strange garden year. We planted a month early, taking a chance, and thank goodness we did because our early stuff did great. July with no rain and everything started too dry up. We had decent tomatoes, beans and corn, tons of cucumbers and peppers, great onions. Broccoli was so-so, beets and carrots rotted in the ground because by the time they were ready I was swamed with work and garden, squash were pitiful and lettuce struggled. With two dogs, two cats and electric fence around the gardens, and Larry’s .22, we had no trouble with varmints of any kind.

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