Evil Plan

Hi there!

I haven’t disappeared.

I’m just completely consumed with homework and tests.

Seems my instructors have devised an evil plan.

A plan to keep me so busy with homework that I don’t have time to write, download and publish anything except what is homework related.

I WILL NOT let them win!

I WILL divide and conquer all that is put before me.

As soon as I get it all back under control I’ll be back to regular posting.

The pics in this post are just sneak peaks of things to come.

Stay tuned!

Oh, and say a little prayer.

Learning Web Programming




11 comments on “Evil Plan

  1. I so feel for you! My oldest grandson it taking some online classes at one of the local community colleges. He’s been doing his work here and it takes SO MUCH time! On a side note, 3 weeks ago he and his brother were tied for the points championship, the following week his brother won their race which put him in the lead. Then last week his brother has some car issues and came in 12th. So the oldest grandson is back in points lead with just 5 races left in the season. Exciting times! – Stressful for this Granny too!

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