Wheedle Word 46

Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

Are ya ready for another round of Wheedle Word?


Last week instead of me giving you a word, you gave me words.

And it was fun.

Atleast I thought so.

Except for that cow word first thing in the morning.

But it DID wake me up quickly.


So how about a new word.

I’m thinking……



now what are you thinking?

If you are wondering what a Wheedle Word is….



11 comments on “Wheedle Word 46

  1. Deoderant……strong enough for a man….ph balanced for a woman!!! LOL..Actually I thought of the Secret Garden too but obviously someone beat me to it!

  2. Lies… I got lost on your web page again, love the daily inspiration. That is so true, I look real closely at Rudey too to let me know, if somebody is off. She will not go to them or great them. Normally she would be rolling belly up at the feet!!!

    Different note… Becky be safe with what ever Earl decides to do. I pray he stays way off the coast…he is a stronge one.

  3. A secret place to be alone to think for a few moments each day. Sorry haven’t been around much. I am still among the living. LOL Happy Sunday and monday.

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