New Territory

Last month we finally finished fencing in that new pasture for the horses.

And I promised to blog about it.

I know…

I’m slacking.

But here it is pictures and all.

It took much too long to complete.

Now you know I had to have my camera ready when we released them onto this new territory.

Here they are just coming through the gate.


The one on the left is Spirit. In this picture she’s still on the other side of the fence and all the others had already come through the gate.

She came at a full gallop and was slowing in this picture to go through the gate.

Which is unusual. She’s usually the first one in line for whatever is going on.

She’s the leader of the herd.


But for some reason she was further away from the gate when we opened it.

She didn’t realize what was happening until after the others had already came through.

If you look hard you can see The Captain standing in the shadows on the right waiting for them all to get through and settle down.

It’s funny how they go through and stop to grab a snack.

Spirit gets antsy when going through a gate. She flies through. Like something will grab her as she tries to go through.

At one time she was a barrel racer and we think that this is why she takes off running when she reaches a gate.

So anyway, here they go, checking out their new found freedom.

All the way to the other end.

They go as far as the fence will allow them.

I guess to check out their boundries.

Notice how brown the pasture looks.

That is due to the lack of rain.

And The Captain had just cut down everything that was standing five feet tall.

All the way to the furtherest corner.

Where they stop to munch.

We have decided to not fence in the back part of the field.

We are gonna start hunting for a cutter, fluffer and baler to start baling our own hay.

We don’t have much to bale, but we only have four horses, so maybe we don’t need to bale much.

It would be nice to be able to feed them from our own land and not rely on others to supply our hay.

We are working to make ourselves as self-sufficient as possible.

But for now, we have four very happy horses, and the original pasture is getting a chance to grow.


6 comments on “New Territory

  1. Becky, my husband and I are talking about downsizing our house, but finding a place with a bit more land. This will enable us to stop buying hay, perhaps break even at least.

    I loved seeing your horses run through their new pasture! Yes, they definitely look happy!

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