Garden Report 2010 – Week 13

To start off I wanted to let you know that I have updated the gardening page of this blog.

If you are looking for any of the previous gardening posts you can click on the County Home tab at the top of this page and then the Gardening link.

Or you can click here.

Also, I have added a few precautions about using grass clippings for mulch in the vegetable or flower gardens.

Just a few things I have learned while using grass clippings.

You can access that page by clicking the Country Home tab at the top of this page, then the Gardening link and then the Garden Weed Management link.

Or you can click here.

Now for an update on the sign test.

Just in case you missed it’s beginning, follow the link to Tipper’s place, BLIND PIG AND THE ACORN,  to see how it began.

 Both the good day and bad day plantings of yellow crooked neck squash have thrived despite the lack of rain.

The bad day squash plant seemed to grow more so than the good day squash.

It grew completely out of its boundaries and into other parts of the garden.

All the while producing squash.

The good day squash plant seemed to spend more energy on the actual fruit of the plant and stayed within its boundaries.

 As you can see here…..

it is still blooming and producing squash.

I’d say that the good day planting produced squash 2 to 1 as compared to the bad day planting.

This is the final planting by the signs report.

Thanks, Tipper, for allowing me to join in on the planting by the signs experiment.

I can’t wait to read the other reports!



6 comments on “Garden Report 2010 – Week 13

    • Definitely. I try to plant every garden by the signs. Quite often the weather will put a damper on my plans though. Sometimes I plant in the rain just to stick with the signs. I have a hard time believing that our ancestors didn’t know what they were talking about. They survived by what they grew and preserved, so I’m thinking that they played close attention to how things grew and when they were planted.

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