The Day Never Came

Tomorrow would be my brother’s birthday.

Sometimes I miss him so.

This past Christmas, he was in the hospital.

He spent a lot of time in the hospital during his last year.

While he was there a cousin of ours stopped in to visit with him.

And she left him this….

He knew she had been there.

But he was very lethargic and unable to hold much of a conversation.

He asked me to take his Christmas gift home and keep it for him until he felt better.

That day never came.

Still to this day it sits in my entry way.


Just like the Ipod I bought him.

He loved music. His life revolved around it.

Which is why I bought the Ipod and downloaded every album he had onto it.

He never held it in his hand.

I was waiting for him to feel better.

The day never came.

Occasionally, I hold the Ipod.

And I play a game or two on it.

Games I downloaded for him.

Each time I see it, I think of him.

 I’m left with this Christmas gift that sits in my entry way.

I see it many times every day.

I really need to do something with it. But I just don’t know what.

If I would see the cousin, I would offer it back to her.

I have not.

So it sits.

And it waits.

But for what, I have no idea.

But just because he’s no longer with me doesn’t mean I can’t wish him happy birthday.

He’ll hear me, I’m sure of it.


Happy Birthday, Brother Bear!

We’ll celebrate together again one day.


12 comments on “The Day Never Came

  1. This is such a bittersweet post. Your brother was loved and now he is remembered. I had gifts for my parents they never received, so I know something of the pain you are feeling. But what you did was so special, something he would have loved. Tomorrow is my grandson James’ birthday too, so I will always remember your brother as well on that date.

    I am getting close to my son’s birthday and bracing for it. I know it will be a difficult time and I am trying to find my way to managing the pain that will come.

  2. I am sorry Becky. I think that downloading the songs and listening to them now and then is a great way to remember your brother.

  3. OHMgosh Becky…I am crying here….

    Your brother was very lucky to have you as a sister..Im sure it was so much comfort for him to have your love along his way.

  4. Oh Becky I am so sorry. I feel you pain and sadness so much. I agree with klutzymama that listening to the music that you know he loved is a great way to feel close to him. I say on his birthday open that gift and depending on what it is, perhaps give it to some deserving person in his memory. Just a thought. Hang in there and know that we are thinking of you.

  5. Oh Becky! I can’t imagine how you must miss him. Such a sad thing-but the hope is in what you said-you will see him again-and then he won’t be sick he won’t be in need of help from those around him. He will be whole 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday Bear! As we celebrate your life down here you are whole and Happy, with the angels that have gone before you, in heaven!

    Smiles and hugs to you Becky!

  7. I am so sad for your loss. Listen to the music and remember him, it will be a help. One of my cousins passed away a few years ago, she collected cookbooks and I got her one to give to her, but she passed away before I had the chance. I so wish I had gotten to give it to her in time. I even had it autographed to her by the author. I collect cookbooks too, and I think of her when I look at mine.

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