Friday’s List-Vote Now

Last Tuesday’s vote was unaminous.

And my daughter’s schedule worked out.

We DID spend the day at the amusement/waterpark.

My youngest son, my daughter, my granddaughter and I braved the blistering heat most of yesterday at Carowinds.

We got there early trying to avoid the worst of the heat as we walked in.

And spent most of the day at the water park.

We’ll probably go atleast one more time before school starts next week.

Yesterday evening we were all exhausted due to the heat and all that walking.

Geez, we must have walked 20 miles around and around that park before we finally settled in the water park.

And I have a couple of blisters to prove it.

I’ll not wear those sandles there again.

I did get both of those two fish tanks cleaned and put away.

I still have not found the paint to finish painting the shed.

Since it’s supposed to be 96 degrees outside today, I probably won’t get much accomplished outside until maybe later.

We still have mowing to finish.

The tempature was supposed to be 96 degrees on Tuesday also, but my thermometer read 100 degrees IN THE SHADE.

It is supposed to start cooling down this weekend so I think I’ll wait till then to begin outside work again.

I need to finish painting the kitchen wall, sew that seat cushion, wash and paint the birdhouse gourds and I have a room to clean out.

That room is where my Total Gym will be set up.

I got it for Christmas and have used it once.

I wasn’t about to leave it setup in the den, so it was folded up and put away until I could get time to get the room cleaned out so I could set it up.

I know from experience that if I have to set something up, use it and tear it down again, I will not do that very many times.

I am more apt to use it if it is left assembled.

A friend borrowed it for a few weeks to see if she would like to get one of her own.

Let’s just say that she won’t be purchasing one of her own.

So now for Friday’s to-do list vote…..

Hope you ALL have a very……

Happy Thursday!!!


7 comments on “Friday’s List-Vote Now

  1. So glad you went to the water park. I can’t wait for cooler weather. It’s just unbearably hot here. The one time I checked our outside thermometer yesterday afternoon it read 104. I didn’t check it again . . .

  2. When I get home from work it is typically around 5 30..I change and head right to the pasture so the dogs and goats can get a cool drink of water. They have been waiting all day for this…then its time to water my potted plants and whatever bushes are wilting..Im usually soaked by this time. Dinner then shower..thats the routine these days..

  3. Washing and painting the gourds sounds the most fun, but I also love to get house projects done, so I was waffling between the gourds and the kitchen wall. Decided to go for the gourds.
    We’re actually supposed to warm up to 70 for the weekend. I sure hope they’re right. Our whole 3 days of sunshine in July has got us all going just a bit crazy around here!

  4. I voted for the gourds! We drove to Florida a week ago, Monday, and near the Carolina borders (I think) I looked over and saw this roller coaster zooming by. I bet that was you, screaming with your hands up in the air.

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