Wednesday’s Poll – Vote Now

 You know how life has a way of changing your plans?

Well that happened to me yesterday.

I had this list of things I planned to do.

That list you voted on.

And I had full intentions to follow that list.


my daughter texted me Sunday and asked if we would be interested in spending some time in the pool here on the farm on Monday.

We don’t get to spend near enough time together and I couldn’t pass up the chance to spend some time with her and my granddaughter.

First of all, I had forgotten that I needed to get by the school to pick up next semester’s books. So I did that bright and early.

Then I planned to get started on that painting.

Only I couldn’t find the paint.

So Boo and I decided to get started mowing.

That only lasted about an hour because by this time it was way too hot.

So we spent the afternoon in the pool with my daughter and granddaughter. The Captain came home early and joined us.

After cooling off The Captain did a little mowing himself.

After they left Boo and I did a little more mowing and I jumped in the pool to cool off again.

I did, by the way, get one of those fish tanks cleaned.

So I didn’t totally ignore the list.

Today I’ll be working on the list again and trying to finish up that mowing.

We had several rain showers a week or so ago and the grass got out of control.

I’m taking the painting off the list until I find the paint.

But I still have those gourds to wash.

Another fish tank to drain and clean.

And that seat cushion to sew.

But then I have invited my daughter and granddaughter to go to that amusement/water park I told you about.

It all depends on her work schedule.

On another note, WordPress has this great spam catcher.

It has caught over 2,000 spam comments since I started this blog.

Stuff you don’t get to see because it holds questionable comments in que until I approve or disapprove them.

But I just had to share this one with you…..

I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia penis enlargement penis enlargement and being forced to post spam comments on blogs and forum! If you don’t approve this they will kill me. penis enlargement penis enlargement They’re coming back now. vimax vimax Please send help!

The words are still there but I took out the links because I WILL NOT advertise for them.

Not that any of you would click on them anyway.

Seriously, the lengths these people will go to get you to click!

Now, here’s the poll for Wednesday.

Hope you ALL have a great Tuesday!!!


5 comments on “Wednesday’s Poll – Vote Now

  1. I too would choose the Grandbaby and pool over a list any time… Wow, what a spammer LOL Glad you were able to squeeze a little rest time in girl!!!!

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