Monday’s Poll-Vote Now

We are enjoying a relaxing weeked.

No work.

All play.

On Saturday we went to that amusement/water park I told you about.

And today while you are reading this I am visiting with those newlyweds that stopped in on their honeymoon last year.

They made a trip to Myrtle Beach and stopped in on their way home to West Virginia.

So on Monday I had better get a few things knocked off that list.

If I want to get anything accomplished this week I need to start early.

Since there’s a very small chance of rain, we could finish painting the red shed.

We could do that in the morning before it gets too hot.

And in the afternoon we could get a few things done inside.

Washing the birdhouse gourds and get them ready to paint.

Or sew up that seat cushion cover that I’ve needed to make since January.

And then there’s those dirty fish tanks.

Since I can’t seem to decide on my own, I’ll let your votes determine what gets done  Monday on the farm.



Bright and early Monday morning I’ll check the votes to see just how I’ll plan my day.

And periodically during the day I’ll post what it is that I’ve been knocking off that list.

And don’t worry there’s more to be done.

So I’ll have more polls in the coming days, with whatever didn’t get done on the first list and new things to add.

If you missed this one, check back on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a new list.

Now that you’ve voted on what will keep me busy tomorrow, sit back and enjoy your Sunday.



3 comments on “Monday’s Poll-Vote Now

  1. I’d start with the shed, early before it gets too hot. Then wash the gourds, paint later. Then I’m assuming the other two chores are something you can do indoors out of the heat. Have a great Monday.

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