Garden Report 2010 – Week 10

Okay, so I didn’t post a garden report last week.

To be honest with all this homework, a very short vacation and lack of rain….

I have been frustrated with my garden this year.

Not to mention the rabbits eating every last leaf off my green beans.

The green beans tried growing new leaves, but the rabbits picked them off as soon as they appeared.

They don’t have a chance.

Then there’s the hornworms that keep bombarding my tomato plants.

Have you ever had a hornworm spit at you?

I can now say that I have.

Three times.

I went to pull one off of one of my tomato plants and the little sucker spit green tomato leaf juice at me.

I know,


The third time I went to pull him off, it was kind of a snatch and throw type maneuver.

Still got spit on.


He was the most aggressive hornworm I’ve met so far.

He wasn’t letting go easily.

And the way he slung his head around and spit……


Not that I’ve met many.

Last year was the first time I’d ever seen one.

I know you are sitting there letting your imagination run amuck as you visualize me snatching and throwing.

I can see you snickering!











I watered my garden before I left for a very short three day vacation at the lake.

When I returned the herbs I had planted in the planter boxes were brown and crunchy.

This summer’s heat is intense.

Flowers were dead.

Every leaf of every plant in the garden was curled.

Some looked as if they were ready to give up the ghost.

Then a miracle happened.

Last week we received a total of 5 inches of rain.

It’s either feast of famine around here.

Bone dry or puddles everywhere.

Puddles that usually don’t last long.

My grass is now green and soft again.

We had some heavy rain and strong wind.

My corn is down.

Probably won’t stand back up.

But it wasn’t doing well anyway, due to lack of water.

No amount of hand watering can replace Vitamin G fortified rain.

But I will have enough cornstalks to make a foddershock this year.


Who needs corn anyway…

It’s what they fatten pigs with.

Gotta think positive!



So, how’s your garden growing?

Better than mine, I hope.

If I recall correctly I said the same thing last year.


(By the way, all of you who are canning fresh vegetables, making sauces and eating fresh vegetables……I’m SO jealous!!!)


5 comments on “Garden Report 2010 – Week 10

  1. Man, it sounds like the hornworms in your neck of the woods are staging a takeover! You better watch out Becky, before you know it, they’ll be in cahoots with the cows! 🙂

  2. I know your garden situation is not funny, but I must admit that you made me laugh. I believe you have missed your calling…..should have been a writer.

    Was I even close to you as I traveled to the beach? If I was and had known, I may have stopped by. We to the Apache pier. May daughter has camped there before. And yes, I’d like to camp there.

  3. I was giggling and snorting over that hornworm spitting at you, until you told me to stop it. What a picture I had in my mind of this cartoony little green worm in glasses spitting at you. Having never seen a hornworm, I can take liberties with my picture you know.
    Don’t be jealous of my garden. No garden this year because of TOO much rain and no sunshine what-so-ever. We did manage to get about 4 strawberries…

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