2010 Vacation

Last week was a very hard week for me.

Talk about overload!

The homework is overtaxing my brain to say the very least.

On Monday I had one homework assignment due.

Tuesday was a completely different story.

I had three assignments due and two tests to take.

Wedensday, another assignment due and a test.

Thursday, another assignment due.

And yet another due by Saturday.

And these are not easy homework assignments.

Each page had several different brain burning, time consuming problems .

If I wasn’t sleeping or driving, I was doing homework or studying until the wee hours of the morning or sitting in class.

While I was home, cramming, the Captain and Boo were off on vacation.

A vacation which I had to miss because of school.

It wasn’t a week I could miss.

I drove down on Sunday and delivered the boat, but returned early Monday morning to DO HOMEWORK and go to class.

Oh, they lovingly sent me text messages from the middle of the lake while they were relaxing on the boat, because that is the only place you can get cell service there.

They sent messages like…..

“When you come back bring my other fishing pole.”


“Bring more sunflower seeds, the squirrels found ’em.”

I drove back down to the vacation spot after school on Thursday.

 If I had any more homeword assigned on Wednesday or Thursday I’m not so sure I would have been able to go at all.

Except to drive down and bring the boat back.

But I had three days to let my brain recharge before I had to be back at it again.

I got to spend some quality time with my daughter and her family who came down on Friday evening and stayed the rest of the weekend.

Even though we live close by, we don’t get to spend much time together.

We both have busy lives. But we talk on the phone almost daily.

And I use that term almost very loosley.

Sometimes we get so busy it may be days before we talk.

Even though I missed most of the vacation, I’m not complaining.

I did get a few days of R & R.

And once I get all this schooling out the way, there will be plenty of vacations later.

Any of you ever have to stay home because of uncontrolable circumstances while the rest of the crew were off having fun?

 Would you believe I didn’t take one picture?


I’m tellin’ ya my head went on complete vacation.


13 comments on “2010 Vacation

  1. GoodGooglyMoogly…I am worn out just reading it all! Glad you did get some time with your daughter and family… NEVER forget to make the time even though your plate ruineth over. Thank you for visiting me and Billie bee 😉

  2. Been there…done that!!!! I had to work 3rd shift all weekend while General D and Daisy were at the beach having a grand ole time! And on top of it all I found out I was pregnant with skeeter and had no hubby here to celebrate with!

  3. wow – this post made me sleepy!!! I’m sure all this craziness will be worth it though, so keep on truckin’!

  4. Wow, you study too much. I don’t think I could go back to school, sounds way too hard. Good luck with your studies. Sorry you missed the vacation.

  5. Oh, college! Grd school was even worse because I was working full time too. I feel your pain, Becky. Once I scheduled a week of vacation for storytelling; while I was doing that my guys were on the Outer Banks, living it up.

  6. Oh goodness, girl, that sounds like no fun!

    I’ve had to stay home, away from family gatherings, because of things that are going on such as kidding season. Never have I had to take a separate vacation due to school. That had to have been tough!

    Like you said, there will be a lot of vacations in the future.

    I have been rather busy lately, busier than normal. I drop into bed each night. I barely have time to catch up on blogs, but I do it when I can.

    Take care, Becky!

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