Wheedle Word 40

Last week I asked you a question…again.

“What moment in your life would you like to relive?”

Not as in a moment to change, but a moment in time when you were happy and would like to experience that happiness all over again.

And boy, were you guys tugging at my heart strings.

More time with long lost relatives seemed to be what most of you would like to relive.

And I am no different.

I actually wrote most of this post before the last one was published.

We were definitely on the same wave length.

Honestly, I can’t pick a specific moment.

I know it’s not fair of me to ask you for a particular moment when I can’t pinpoint one myself.

Many moments I would like to relive.

And some of them include moments spent with my Dad.

I know they’ll never happen again.

So if I could relive a moment with him I would spend that time paying more attention to the sights, smells and emotions I would be feeling.

Say for instance, the smile on his face or the crunch of leaves as we walk in the woods at my Grandparent’s farm.

Okay, enough of that.

Writing this post brought on unexpected tears.

So let’s think of something a little less emotional.

How about…..


So there’s this week’s Wheedle Word.

What does it make you think of?

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13 comments on “Wheedle Word 40

  1. 2 things came to mind-falling in love and you know when you’re almost asleep and you jerk awake cause you think you’re falling-or at least I do that!

  2. Oh, please, I started tearing up just reading the first few lines of this post. Pass the tissues, Becky!

    “in love” for the wheedle word. Kind of culturally programmed for that one. Maybe if it were autumn, I’d think differently!

  3. Falling brings to mind that extremely weird sensation I sometimes get when I’m beginning to fall asleep. I feel as if I’m falling and startle myself awake. I feel pretty bad that I didn’t immediately think of falling in love, but you wanted honesty I’m sure.

  4. When my husband and I first met I was the happiest I had been in my entire life. I realized that life was good. People were good. An entirely new world opened up to me. It was a learning experience, one I could easily re-live over and over again.

    Falling…I am always falling down. I do not pay attention to where I am going. Today, for example, I walked right into part of the trench that remains (from the new well being dug). Of course, I laughed.

  5. I fell one night, on the back of a buckskin horse riding behind a cowboy in a big field underneath a full orange harvest moon. All it took was that one kiss and I fell hard. That was 33 years ago this month and I wouldn’t have missed of minute of all the minutes since.

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