Farm Photo 56

You can hear them coming.

You stop and wait.

And soon they come into view.

Those BIG military Hueys.

The engines roaring.

The thump, thump, thump of the blades.

I wonder…

Are they watching me watching them?

Probably not.

But I wave anyway.

Just to let them know that we support them.



10 comments on “Farm Photo 56

  1. I think they were watching. I know when I fly that I look down at people and say a silent hello to them. I never saw them wave back though.

    Someone told me to be sure I asked you for a recipe. So here it is…

    I am trying to get some favorite family recipes from my favorite bloggers. I even started a new blog—Fat Lady Recipes—to hold them. I have received some submissions with more promised. A photo of your dish is nice but not required. A photo of yourself is required as well as your real name. Sometimes I can use your profile photo if it is not an icon.

    The Fat Lady Recipes blog should be getting some magazine coverage soon but I am not at liberty to talk about just yet.

    You don’t have to be fat to share recipes.

    Fat Lady Recipes

  2. This week end in our area, they are holding the Dayton Air Show. We’ve never gone, it’s usually way too hot for us. But we sometimes get to see some of the planes flying in. One day while at Aullwood Farms, we heard this horrible noise and I swear I thought this plane was brushing the tops of this tree as I stepped out of the chicken coop. It was the plane carrying the President’s car and other items. Air Force One had already gone over. And I thought to myself, how secure was that? We could see the plane, in fact Abe took a photo. But what would keep a sniper from hiding out in that area and shooting something at the plane. It was very low, because it was getting close to the airport where it was going to land.

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