Garden Report 2010, Week 8

Let’s talk water.


And if I were lucky…..rain.

But I’m not.

We have had very little rain for the past couple of months.

I think in the last two months we have had two good rains.

I’m talking about a good rain that soaks everything.

I have heard that some of you have had rain everyday, if only a little shower.

And I want you to know I am VERY envious.

But here….

It has been hot and D. R.Y.!

Oh, there have been storms in the area, but they pass right on by this farm.

Sometimes we get a few drops.

Just enough to leave the vegetation begging for more.

So I have to supply my garden and flowers with the much needed hydration.

As you know my time is limited.

And standing out in the garden with water hose in hand for an hour or more is not something I have time for.

I have tried those automatic waterers. You know, the ones you hook to a water hose and let it water for you.

They have a fan sprayer that sprays from side to side. Back and forth.

I have purchased the cheap ones and the expensive ones.

They all have one thing in common.

They get stuck on one side and won’t go back and forth.

I have taken them apart, thinking that maybe they just had a little dirt that was stopping their motion.

It didn’t help.

The Captain was recently talking to a man who had a beautiful garden.

He had a sprinkler system set up for his garden which The Captain took note of.

And he brought this information, plus more, home to me.

He had those rotating sprinklers set up on tripods. The ones that rotate from left to right and back.

Well I don’t have tripods and don’t want to spend anymore money on sprinklers.

But I do have those rotating sprinklers.

The wheels in my head started turning.

And here is what I came up with.

A metal fencepost and zip ties.

And it works perfectly.

According to my Captain, these type can be connected by a water hose so that you can have more than one running at a time.

I hooked one up to see if it worked well.

It did!

So I ran a water hose down through the middle of my garden to the other end and set up another one.

I have one on each end of the garden, on opposite corners.

Because I have them attached to fenceposts I cannot move them around like you could a tripod.

But they are the perfect distance apart and my whole garden can be watered at the same time.

So now I just turn the water on and forget about it for a half hour to an hour.

Giving me more time to do homework.


10 comments on “Garden Report 2010, Week 8

  1. Great job, Becky! I may have to look into something like that myself, but so far we’ve been doing pretty good with getting enough rain. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yeah! You too will soon have a beautiful garden and bounty in the fall! Like Granny, I would send you some rain if I could. We can’t seem to stop with the rain here, or get much for warm temperatures. Our problem is the opposite of yours and their will be no garden this year. boo-hoo!

  3. We had a down pour last night and through the night, with thunder and lightening and the whole works. slept through almost all of it. But we noticed on our way to the dentist this morning, fields standing in water.

  4. The wheels in your head did a good job creating that one!

    People are saying we have had too much rain for gardens this year. I am not sure about that, but I do not have a full-sized garden this season.

  5. This is a great idea. We had flooding in early May and now no rain during summer. The flooding made a mess out of our garden and now what is left is a bit dry, to say the least.

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