Excitement, a Thank You and an Apology

A few months ago, I won a give-a-way over at Shirley’s place.

And I’m ashamed to say that I did not post about it.

I did make mention of it once, but still planned to dedicate an entire post.

It’s not that I didn’t love and appreciate EVERYTHING that I won, I just simply did not have time to gather my thoughts and get them posted on here.

The day I received it, a friend and I were spending the day together, so she was with me when I picked up the box at the post office.

She was just as excited as I was and maybe a little jealous.

We tore into the box right there in the post office parking lot.

Not only was it exciting to get the box, but having someone there to share it with made it more fun.

I did take pictures.

And I had the best of intentions.

Life just got in the way.

I really love when there is a handwritten note included.

And she is right, it IS great having blog friends!

I do consider Shirley as a very special blog friend.

The towels fit perfectly into my kitchen.

And the garden journal already has notes within its pages.

I’m still searching for the perfect place for the picture and the birdhouse.

That’s just how I am. I will leave something sitting until I find the perfect place for it.

I can’t just stick something wherever there is an open spot.

I must find the perfect spot.

They are where I can see them everyday.

And I believe I have the perfect place for the picture all figured out.

But the birdhouse?

I can’t decide whether I should put it outside or keep it inside.

What do you think?

I thank you very much, Shirley! I love it all!

Please forgive me for not posting this sooner!!!



5 comments on “Excitement, a Thank You and an Apology

  1. If you have a nice porch that is covered, so the little birdhouse isn’t out in the weather, or I would hang it in my kitchen. Is it really a birdhouse or just looks like one? Have a terrific week end. Right at the moment it is so foggy here, it’s hard to see the neighbors. And I wanted to mow this morning before it gets too warm.

  2. Those definitely are special things!

    If it were me I would find a place inside for the birdhouse. I love anything made from grape vines. Very pretty.

    I have failed to mention on a few things on my blog as time has gone by, and as time gets even further away from me it begins to feel too late to mention them. It feels silly. Don’t worry, it is the thought that counts.

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