Garden Report 2010, Week 7

Happy Monday, Everyone!

This year, spring started out very dry.

Then immediately went to very wet.

Then back to dry.

We haven’t had much rain lately, but yesterday…..

We had a lot of rain in a very short time.

And my garden was so thankful.

It is growing nicely. And after that rain it should really take off.

You know that vitamin G water always works wonders in the garden.

Friday morning I was out there weeding away and I began to think about how much I despise those weeds and wish they’d grow somewhere else besides in my garden.

It amazes me that the plants or seeds that I plant sometimes seem to burn up and die for lack of water.

But the weeds……?

They will grow with or without water, and seem to thrive.

It got me to thinking that if it weren’t for that fact, I’m not so sure the human race would survive.

We need the green in our lives to take in the carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

In other words, the green of the earth is necessary for life.

And if it were up to the gardeners to keep the green growing I’m afraid we would fail.

Not because we can’t grow things, but that there are far more people who don’t garden than those who do.

If God hadn’t created them to grow in impossible conditions, where would we be?

So the next time you’re out in the garden cursing the weeds for crowding out your vegetable or flower plants….

Give God a little thank you for making them such tough little weeds.

Because the green of the earth that grows wild is one of the things necessary for our very existence.


10 comments on “Garden Report 2010, Week 7

  1. Yes, Weeds grow thru any season!!! It is going to be a difficult summer for all of us. I agree with what you said too. I am happy with the way our little garden turned out…except it’s just not big enough 🙂

  2. I actually find weeding to be a little “therapetic”, as Barney would say. As long as I have time to get out there, I just kind of let my mind wander as I’m pulling away at those weeds.

  3. Sometimes it’s tough to look at weeds in a new light, but it is truly amazing that some plants can survive so much, isn’t it? I remember when my mom plucked some weeds out of my garden and showed me how to make them into a tea. It stunned me that they were good for anything!

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