Wheedle Word 37

“I love a parade…………….”

Ever heard that song?

That was last week’s word.

It makes me think of marching bands, and larger than life cartoon characters floating by.

Sirens, flashing lights, smiles and candy being thrown to the kids.

Horse and riders, old time cars and fire trucks.

There are small town parades.

And big city parades.

That word just makes the thoughts keep rolling in.

No matter how you look at it, a parade brings happiness for all.

It’s time for a new Wheedle Word.

This week our Wheedle Word is….



now what are you thinking?

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10 comments on “Wheedle Word 37

  1. I’m thinking of a game we played as young children. We would line up chairs & sit in them with a blanket over us. We were trying to go to some far off country, so we would have vanished for awhile.

  2. Gone, completely gone. Like chocolate of candy any kind, just seems to vanish around this house.

    Having been around looking at blogs so often, guess warm weather keeps me too busy. Hope you, husband, son and all the furry critters are doing A-OK.

  3. Becky: Now this is an answer that I’m sure only I will give. I just finished the movie” The Lovely Bones” about a young girl who (vanish)ed. It is a Spielberg/Peter Jackson that is a sad tale.
    Had it not been for that I would have thought of a magician (poof).

  4. Vanish – the thing that happens to my ink pen whenever I happen to set it down. Also the thing that happens to my paycheck the moment it reaches my bank account.

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