Some of the Things I’ve Learned

Retuning to school has taught me more than just what is in the textbooks I read.

First of all it has taught me that…

I am not too old to learn something new.

And in some ways I think it is better that I waited to go to college.

Because during my high school days the last thing that held my interest was school.

Another thing I have learned is that I cannot see the small print well.

Which led me to the eye doctor for reading glasses.

When I began to notice myself blinking several times and twisting and turning my head into unusual positions to try to get the letters in focus,

I knew it was time to give in and admit I needed glasses for the first time in my life.

No, I am NOT getting old!

My eyes are just tired.


At times I cannot believe that I am MIDDLE AGED.

That sounds so…….


so OLD.

I remember when I was a kid thinking that 40 was OLD.

Now that I’m there and beyond, I realize I am not that old. Just old—ER.

Although at time I do feel old when I’m sitting beside those just out of high school kids.

Another thing I have noticed is that I’m being taught in part by people from other countries.

Now before you start thinking I am prejudice, let me explain.

I was born and raised an American. And I am proud of that.

Even though we have our problems, there is no other place I’d rather live.

The USA is where people from other countries dream of living.

They come here for many different reasons.

Because they married an American.

Because they desire the freedoms we have.

Or because they escaped from terrible circumstances of their own countries.

And I am sure there are many other reasons.

Whatever their reasons, some of them came here, worked hard and put themselves through school to give themselves, and maybe a family, a better life.

What I have learned by observing them while they teach me is that they truly love this country and are thankful to be here.

What really gets to me is the fact that I have lived here all my life, I am now past 40 and I am just now beginning to work toward an education.

Of course the choices I made at an early age brought my education to a screaming halt.

Sometimes I feel as if I have wasted the last 20 years.

And then I look back over those same 20 years and realize they were not a waste.

They were the life I chose and even though I have had some very hard years, there were many more happy moments than sad.

And like I said above, maybe the choices I made were the path I was destined to take.

Because the only thing about school that held my interest was what time the parting bell rang. 


11 comments on “Some of the Things I’ve Learned

  1. I think you are exactly right. I find that I’m getting older that I’m much more curious and interested in learning than I ever was in school. You’re doing great, sista!

  2. There are lots of times I look back and think I should have done things differently but you know what – I’m happy where I am in life and that’s what counts the most. Learn something new everyday – that’s something I’ve always tried to do.

  3. hi there….that was a great post! Glad you are doing so well….sounds like things are going great..and i am so glad for you! Stop over and visit me…i finally posted again! 😉

  4. I love this post!!
    Have had some of the same thoughts about wasted years, but we all have to live the lives we have chosen.
    They arn’t waisted just another kind of learning excperiance.

  5. Becky, I returned to school late too, and I’ve not regretted it. I also don’t regret the in-between years because those were learning years too. There’s value either way. I know I was a better student later in life; although I always enjoyed school I was more committeed and understood the importance of it when I did finally go to college. Now, twenty years later, I look back and realize that while college gave me the means to a good job and secure income, the years before college established who I am as a person and what I value in life–family, home, gardens, nature and learning. I didn’t need college for that.

  6. Becky, it is amazing what we know now that we didn’t know then. I am in the same boat and general area as you are and we are not old just older and wiser.

    Things mean more to us now then they would have when we were younger and plainly stupid.

    Life is too short to worry about the little things!

  7. Such a well written post. So glad that you feel great about going to school. People in general are so different, and yet the same. We all have different agendas in life, but I am glad to hear that you are in school and pushing forward in life!!!

  8. Well Becky I am in awe of you. It is never too late to learn….we are really learning new things every day if you think about it. Power on!!

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