Wheedle Word 36

Once again you surprised me with your responses to the Wheedle Word….


I was thinking more in the terms of the new support system I’ve introduced to my garden this year.

Like tomato tee pees.

Your thoughts and responses made me completely think in a different aspect of support.

And tickled me more than just a little.

Again, the diversity of thought is what I love about this little game we play.

What kind of thoughts run through your mind when you read the word….


Yeah, I know that is a typical kind of word.

But it can bring about  happy thoughts or even funny thoughts.

So go ahead, let your imagination run amok and tell us what you’re thinking.

First time reading the Wheedle Word?

Click here to see where it all started.


11 comments on “Wheedle Word 36

  1. I will never forget the parade in downtown Indianapolis many moons ago. I was surprised to see two of my high school classmates, twins, leading the Purdue baton twirlers.

    Parade also makes me think of small town picnics, lazy summer days. Just like in the movies.

  2. Oh, it makes me think of back when I was a teenager and had horses and used to ride them in parades. It makes me think of beautiful horses with braided ribbons in their mane.

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