Garden Report 2010 – Week 5

Most of the garden has been planted.

Still a few things to get in the ground.

But I must wait for the “right” day to plant them.

This year I am trying something new.

Tomato teepees.

Well that’s what I call them, anyhow.

I’ve always tied my tomato plants to wooden poles or metal posts.

But I recently watched a movie, “It’s Complicated”. Which, by the way, is hilarious.

Meryl Streep was picking tomatoes in her garden and I noticed that in the movie the tomatoes were tied to something similar.

Of course, their version was fancier than my tomato teepees.

But that’s Hollywood.

Anyway, I have a lot of downed wood on the farm from the droughts of last year and before.

So, I volunteered The Captain to help me and we brought back several cedar posts.

With twine, I tied together the tops of the posts and formed teepees.

This allows me to plant more tomatoes in a smaller space.

And more space to plant other things.

I am really hoping this works well.

The deer found my garden last year.

And I can see they are going to be a problem early this year.

They walked right down through the middle of my garden.

Luckily, they stepped over anything that was planted.

Of course, they don’t want to damage any plants or sprouts.

That would ruin their plans for EATING them later.



6 comments on “Garden Report 2010 – Week 5

  1. Can’t wait to see how your tomato tee pees work out…. when I saw them, I immediately thought of pole beans. That comment about the deer is just so cute. We have a pile of stinky stuff to spread on our garden. We are down sizing the garden this year and hoping it does better than last year.

  2. I love how they look! I wonder how they will work. I just got the ole wire cages from wally mart. I’m such a dip–so not cool. But heck I’m out fighting bug wars. If you go by my blog LMK if you know what is eating up my pecan tree.

  3. Love your tomato teepee’s! I saw something similar in a gardening magazine a few years ago that someone was using for sweet pea’s to climb. Loved it then and love yours now!
    I’m participating in Tipper’s squash seed experiment, but our weather has been really cold and wet, so it will be really interesting to see if my “good day” seeds do any better than my “bad day” seeds. I’ll actually be suprised if they germinate at all…

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