Text Encouragement

As you know,

I went back to school.

To a local technical school.

Not like it’s some major college. Although, there is a major college right here in town.

But this one has all I need.

But what you don’t know is that my daughter is going to the same school.

Not for the same thing, though.

She’s going for a nursing degree.

I don’t have the patience needed to take care of sick people.

Give me a computer any day. It does what I tell it to do.

Anyway, she is one semester ahead of me in the required general courses, like English and Math.

A couple of weeks ago we finished up a semester.

We were both worrying about our final Math grades.

We had been talking about it on the phone and texting back and forth to find out if either of us had received our grade yet.

I received my grade just before her.

Here’s how our texts then read….

Me:  I got an A in Math! Yay!!!

Peaches: Yay!

Then about two  hours later, she received her grade….

Peaches: Yay i got n A in math!

Me: You too?! Whoo Hoo!!!

 I’d like to say that she’s a chip off the old block, but I cannot.

Because she had already taken the same Math class during the previous semester, I relied on her when I was stumped with a particular problem.

Although, I did help with her Math.



We really do encourage eachother a lot.

I never thought my kids would be encouraging ME in school.

But they do.

All three of them!

I love my kids!!!



14 comments on “Text Encouragement

  1. Congrats to you and your daughter!

    I have 2 sisters that are nurses. Alas, I was absent the day that talent was given out. But we all have our talents and I am happy with my own.

  2. Congradulations to you both!
    You encouraged them to do they best in school and helped them with school work when they were in grade school. It is wonderful to see they are now doing the same for you!

  3. Now, that made me happy, hearing that your kids are encouraging you. You go Mom!!!!

    You know how I feel about school, about how it helps us in life (in more ways than one).

    I took the aromatherapy course, which was easy in many ways, but difficult when it came down to the chemistry. I did not need to memorize the chemistry in my introductory course, but of course, I wanted to learn and memorize everything that I could. So, I truly do understand how you had a difficult time with math, but look what you did, after you fretted and worked so very hard! An A!!!!!

  4. Awesome!!! Now there are three people I am so proud to say I know that are smart,especially when it comes to math!! You should be very proud of yourself!!

  5. I love you too! Here we go into another semester that starts TODAY! Call me if you need me! I already have an assignment due tomorrow! Yuck!

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