Wheedle Word 34

Well it seems you guessed how last week’s Wheedle Word….


was related to Saturday’s post.

Lego Man was pretty cool!

This week I’m thinking something a little more simple.

What kind of thoughts does the word….


conjure up in your mind?

Wondering what a Wheedle Word is….click here!


14 comments on “Wheedle Word 34

  1. My cedar chest my Pawpaw made me. He knew the strong smell of cedar gave me a headache so he made a “cedar” chest out of something else! lol…gotta love him!

  2. Oh boy…a woman that is into smell good things will have crazy answers!

    I love cedar(wood) essential oil in fragrance blends, in soaps and perfumes.

    Cedar is a scent that conjures up thoughts of home, from way back. It makes me think of log cabins, pencils, and pioneer days as well.

    There’s my answer to cedar. Ha!

  3. Cedar fence posts. We used to drive around looking for old fences they made with cedar posts. My brother in law, or outlaw would cut them down & make realy cool lamps out of them.

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